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Welcome to Spielman Antique Pens, an online store which holds a vast collection of fine fountain pens past and present, from popular pens which are worth collecting to others as elaborate and intricate as jewels, that have become highly sought over by collectors the world over.  Collections of pens can run into hundreds and even thousands, pen buyers the world over are often seen scooping up whole boxes and pens.  Please note that collecting pens can be a fairly inexpensive hobby.  You can find steals online here for well under $100 a well as the more expensive fountain pens and rarer models.  Supply and demand rules pen collecting as well as any other kinds of collecting.  Most pen collectors are spurred by a passion for  a hobby.

Thinking of a gift for a loved one? Although today’s ballpoint pens are more convenient, pen enthusiasts say that vintage fountain pens are not only superior writing instruments but ideal collectibles as well…many of the early pens were hand tooled work of art.  Start a new generation of pen collectors by shopping online today.

Spielman Antique Pens is a place where you can buy pens of any era. It is for collectors from newbies to fountain pens and people just looking to sell the nice pen they no longer want rattling around their desk – Spielman Antique Pens is one of the fastest growing international pen retailers in the country and an ever-evolving place to better suit the needs of pen fans everywhere.

Providing the best possible customer service is our #1 goal. If there is a special pen you seek, let us know, and we will help you try to find it. If you have any questions about our merchandise or services, please don’t hesitate to call or send us an email on support@spielmanantiquepens.com.


Investing in Pens:

Symbol of lasting value, the fountain pen is a classic hand tool. It is designed and built to be used time and time again. A pen’s fluid mechanics make a long stretch of writing less tiring than grinding out the equivalent number of words with a hard-driving ballpoint.  Besides, fountain pens also boast a high degree of craftsmanship, with handsome exteriors often fashioned with precious metals, rich lacquers, fine woods or other natural materials.  It is this combination of function and form that raises the fountain pen’s status to that of a cherished personal accessory.  Fountain pens often become valuable, functional collector’s items on a par with wooden hand planes, tinplate trains and vacuum-tube radios.  Because they are not disposable commodities, fountain pens should be considered an investment, and their cost reflects this fact.  Currently prices range from below $100 to $1000 or more for new pens, depending on performance and adornment.  Good performance begins at $25, without frills, improves around the $50 mark and begins to receive cosmetic embellishment between $75 and $100.  Thereafter, performance and fashion keep pace owing to the increasing use of specially crafted parts, costly materials and hand-worked finishes.
The 1940s and 50s were a breakthrough period in automated pen manufacturing and improved materials in areas such as injection molding, provided closer tolerances which virtually eliminated problems such as leakage and uneven metering. When cosmetic embellishments are stripped away, a fountain pen consists of a nib, a collector, a filing system and a reservoir where fluid ink is stored.  For modern pens, there are two kinds of filing systems.  One is the piston system, whose screw-driven plunger draws ink through the nib for storage in a rigid reservoir. The filing operation and storage well closely resemble those of the syringe portion of a hypodermic needle whereas on the other hand, the convenient disposable cartridge of the second modern system serves as both the filing system and the reservoir.